Verification from Foreman/Katello that both products are supported on CentOS Stream

**Problem: My lead wants me to verify why we should bring a CentOS Stream 8 in our shop to use Foreman Katello. **

Expected outcome: An Foreman/Katello employee “in the know” would respond exactly about Foreman/Katello on CentOS Stream and it’s support going forward. I did recieve a message from Dirk saying Foreman will continue support but my lead rejected that response as not including Katello. Any answer please specify Foreman and Katello. I am dying to start this project and I hope support on CentOS Stream is fully supported now and going forward.

Foreman and Proxy versions: Latest CentOS Stream OS and latest Foreman/Katello

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:latest Katello

Distribution and version: newest releases of CentOS Stream 8 and lastest version of Foreman/Katello

Other relevant data: Our team has noticed that Katello is being abandoned in RHEL and CentOS going forward. Therefore there is genuine concern that support for Foreman/Katello is also going away on CentOS Stream. I need this status before I can move forward getting an image and proceeding with configuration.

This is not the case. You may have been confusing Katello and katello-agent? Please see my response here:

In any case, Foreman and Katello are intertwined and have no plans to end support for RHEL or CentOS going forward.

Side note: Foreman & Katello are upstream open source projects, not companies. So there aren’t any Foreman or Katello “employees” per se. Many of us work for Red Hat but some for other companies. Foreman, Katello, and other plugins are packaged downstream and turned into products such as Red Hat Satellite and Orcharhino.