Versions supported by foreman

Good day to all, I would like to request your help to know if there is any document where you can find the supported versions of the operating systems that can be installed and updated with Foreman. . Example: centos 5, centos 6, suse 9, suse 10 etc.

Thank you

The manuals are your friend here:

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Hi @wilsonr

The Foreman manual specifies operating systems that can run Foreman and -to some extend- Katello. I recommend you have a look at

You can deploy and manage any operating system that you have a subscription-manager for. The package should be available for CentOS and RHEL, and you have find it for Debian and Ubuntu on I am unsure about SLES at the moment, but you alway have the option to package it yourself based on its source.


Hi Thank you all very much for the support but I think I did not understand what I need is to know what versions of operating systems I can deploy and update with foreman and if there is any table where this information is defined, I made the query in the official documentation and the manuals but I only found the systems that support forema to install the tool.

You are looking for supported managed systems (aka. clients).

  • RHEL 7/8 > subscription-manager is preinstalled on RHEL7
  • CentOS 7/8 > subscription-manager can be installed from base OS repositories
  • Debian 10 + 11 > get subscription-manager from
  • Ubuntu 20.04 > get subscription-manager from
  • SLES 15 > build subscription-manager yourself from source
  • see EL7/8 and SLES12
  • other OS like RHEL 8 clones such as Oracle Linux 8, Alma Linux 8, or Rocky Linux 8: you might get away with using subscription-manager from CentOS 8/RHEL8

I assume there are even more but I am not aware of any “official” list. Note that this is a community project.

If you want to update managed systems (like running yum update -y or apt-get update && apt-get upgrade on a client), then have a look at job templates and remote execution (sometimes called REX).

Not sure about OEL8, but both Rocky Linux 8 and Almalinux 8 have the subscription-manager in the BaseOS repo,
already using it in Rocky Linux for a while now, and there is really nothing to do if the is used, it takes care of the subscription-manager install :slight_smile:

Looking at supported OS for Foreman installation at Installing Foreman nightly server on Enterprise Linux
I am a little surprised to not see Red Hat 8, AlmaLinux 8 and Rocky Linux 8. I mean if CentOS 8 is supported so why are they not included in the list?