Very high cpu load after upgrade to katello 4.9

High cpu load on postgres after update. ~15 load avg (host only has 6 cores)
I’ve narrowed it down to being caused by dynflow-sidekiq@worker-1, not sure how to narrow it down further and fix it

Expected outcome:
Postgresql load not using 100x more cpu than before upgrade

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Katello 4.9
Foreman 3.7
all latest updates installed

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
Rocky 8

Other relevant data:

This appears to be the offending query:
SELECT “katello_rpms”.* FROM “katello_rpms” WHERE “katello_rpms”.“id” NOT IN (SELECT “katello_repository_rpms”.“rpm_id” FROM “katello_repository_rpms” WHERE “katello_repository_rpms”.“repository_id” IN (SELECT “katello_repositories”.“id” FROM “katello_repositories”))

as soon as dynflow worker goes online about 20 of those pop up on the postgres. Running it manually also hangs
su - postgres -c ‘psql -d foreman -c “SELECT "katello_rpms".* FROM "katello_rpms" WHERE "katello_rpms"."id" NOT IN (SELECT "katello_repository_rpms"."rpm_id" FROM "katello_repository_rpms" WHERE "katello_repository_rpms"."repository_id" IN (SELECT "katello_repositories"."id" FROM "katello_repositories"))” > /tmp/pg.out’

And a screenshot from htop to show the load:

Have you seen this? Katello 4.9 is very slow

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your exact same problem has been discussed here, you might want to check that thread out.
I don’t think there is an official solution yet, but from what I remember, some workaround was shared there.

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Don’t know how my vacation brain missed that in all my googling and searching, did the workaround suggested there and it seems to have fixed the cpu load.

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We will release that with Katello 4.9.1. You should not have the problem again after upgrade.