VM Compute Resource – Why is an „Datacenter“ required?

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I have a large VMware environment with three vCenters and a total of 20 datacenters.
If I add a new „VM Compute Resource“ into my Foreman, I see the „datacenter“ field is an required field! Now my question is: Why? Is there a reason why this is a mandatory field? I want to connect to the vCenter. Not with a datacenter. So, I must add 20x VMware Compute Resources instead of 3.
(my Foreman version: 1.21.3)

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First of all…welcome to the Foreman community.

This behaviour is intended because datacenters are clustered containers with possibly multiple VMs of the same name as far as my VMware knowledge exists.

The decision was made around Foreman version 1.17 when I remember correctly

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