VM creation : multiple storage pool issue?


I was just going to try to setup a new VM with 2 disks (idea was : one for the system, the other one for persistent data), and faced the following :

On a libvirt host, whith 2 storage pools :

virsh pool-list

Name State Autostart

··· ------------------------------------------- irfu-virt active yes xxxxx.fr:.data.disks active yes

When I create a new host in foreman I can indeed select one pool or the other.
On some libvirt hosts, the default pool I’m presented with is “irfu-virt” (ceph), and on some other libvirt hosts, it’s the other pool - say pool2 (NFS pool).
But when I try to add another VM volume, I’m only presented with the pool that was presented as default for the first volume.

For instance, if I’m presented with irfu-virt by default for volume1, I can choose any pool for volume1, but there is only 1 choice in the drop down menu for volume2.
If I’m presented with “pool2” by default, I can still choose “irfu-virt” for volume1, but I will have no other choice than “pool2” for the second volume…

Bug, or am I doing something wrong ?
Foreman 1.10 here.

Auxiliary question : if I succeeded in creating the volumes in the pools I wanted : would foreman allow me to delete and recreate the host in the future, and to “import only” the second volume (volume2) which contains the data or would it enforce volume creation (and fail) ? (I have my idea about the answer to this one :wink: )

Thanks && regards