VMs being deleted immediatelyafter provisioning in 1.15.0

After upgrading to 1.15.0 I am unable to provision VMware VMs with Foreman.
After creating the node in Foreman it successfully brings the VM up in
VMware and then immediately deletes it.

It seems to be related to Foreman scheduling a compute instance update. Log
output below:

2017-05-19T11:47:47 dde03f75 [app] [D] Reading from compute resource cache:
2017-05-19T11:47:47 dde03f75 [app] [D] Scheduling compute instance update
because cluster changed it's value from
(Proc) to 'SPOC' (String)
2017-05-19T11:47:47 dde03f75 [app] [W] Failed to update a compute Dell
vSphere Compute (VMware) instance irene-obrein.spoc.linux: undefined method
`[]' for nil:NilClass