VMWare Network Problem while Provisioning

> I'm having a strange problem when trying to provision to VMWare. When the
> machine goes to power on, it gets an error back from VMWare that says "The
> operation is now allowed in the current state." If I tell Foreman not to
> power on the machine, it creates the machine fine. If I then go to VCenter,
> Edit Settings of the machine, and look at the Network settings, the
> available networks in VCenter are slightly different than the networks
> available in Foreman. For instance, in Foreman the network in question is
> labelled "Secure_192.168.5.64_27" while in VCenter the network is
> "Secure_192.168.5.64_27 (c3425SCli4W-v4)". The stuff in parentheses is
> something describing which switch the network is on. If I manually change
> the network in VCenter for the machine to the network name with
> parentheses, the machine will power on and provision successfully in
> Foreman. After the host is done being provisioned, if I go to edit the host
> I get the error "undefined method `network' for
> #<RbVmomi::VIM::VirtualEthernetCardDistributedVirtualPortBackingInfo:0x7f9536032b68>".
> VMWare is ESX 4.1 and Foreman is 1.1stable. Any ideas why Foreman isn't
> displaying these network names quite right?
This sounds like https://github.com/fog/fog/pull/1431


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