VMware plugin and CPU configuration - don't repeat my mistake

For those of you using the VMware computing source plugin …

CPU in the GUI does NOT mean socket. Figured it out after vCenter was yelling at me “incorrect CPU configuration”, but only in edit mode of the virtual machine after trying to figure out why it is so slow.

Well, you want a single socket with 4 cores? You need to specify 4 CPU with 4 Cores in the GUI, which doesn’t sound really intuitive, but there you go. 2 sockets with 2 cores each means 4 CPU with 2 Cores.

It was actually on my todo, to ask whether or not it is a mistake in the compute resource code. It seems counter intuitive that it doesn’t match the setting 1:1 in vmware.

It is actually in line with VMware vCenter 7 (CPUs, Cores per Socket) but in vCenter we have sanity checks which we don’t have in Foreman. I would suggest renaming the first label to “Total # of CPUs” for the interim.
The VMware labelling is also not very clear, only the sanity checks prevent mistakes.