VMWare vmName should differ from hostname and fqdn

I’d like to create a Host, where the hostname, which is the name of the VM in VMWare, should differ from the hostname and the fqdn of the operating system.

I tried to uncheck the interface’s primary checkbox, but this doesn’t work, because I have to set up another interface. The vm is always generated aaa.example.com instead of bbb.example.com. See below.

Expected outcome:
VMWare vmname: aaa-apache-prod
Hostname in OS as defined in the interface form: bbb
fqdn of interface: bbb.example.com

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:

Other relevant data:

Afaik, this is not possible currently.
The Foreman configuration only allows to select for Shortname or FQDN, and the shortname option might be gone soon, too. (I can’t find the RFC for that right now, but I’m pretty sure there was one)
If you really need that, your best bet would be to change the VM name after creation. That should work, since afaik Foreman stores the association to the VM by VMWare UUID. Might be a bit hacky, but could probably be done in an automated fashion with webhooks.