Vote: Naming the new Smart Proxies Route/Group object

Hopefully you have been keeping up with discussions :wink: (if you haven’t read the last 4 posts)

We need some help deciding on a name for the object described in Highly Available Smart Proxies (part 2)

More suggestions are obviously welcome, post below if you have any.

  • route
  • pool
  • set
  • cluster
  • party
  • gang :female_detective:

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For those that don’t know already, the “pool” name also exists in Candlepin as a completely different and unrelated thing.

Thanks for reminder, that’s actually good point, but I still like it the most.

Anyway, surprised by success of “gang”! :slight_smile: FOR THE WIN! :speak_no_evil:

Since this poll isn’t range voting, I selected pool. But route and set are my second & third choices (in order)

One thing that may sway my choice, will this be presented as “Smart Proxy X” or just “X” (e.g. Smart Proxy Route or Route)

I have no strong feelings here, I had assumed “Smart Proxy X” as that would be more explicit.
For the API, I think we would make the parameter “proxy_X_id”, as that would somewhat match the current naming convention.

I’ve closed the poll, thanks for everyone getting involved. I’ll work to get together a PR using the Pool name :smile: