Weekly Design/Dev Meeting: Audits



Presented by Marek

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Stylization isn’t consistent with other pages or perhaps better worded,
there seems to be some pages done in this style, while the majority are not.

Determine difference between Audits and Logs. Page shows actions of a
user not the audit of a system. Consider putting in Admin menu.

Admin icon maybe should correspond to user icon in right hand masthead

Color coding would be difficult for those with vision impairment

Icon for status’s are limited (Hosts, User, Host Group)… other items
like Smart Proxy have no icon. Consider removing all icons.

Attach picture to Admin or User instead of generic icon.

What are the average number of items in the actions?

Add ability to export this audit

None of the catalogue objects are audited.

Back button should be removed… rely on breadcrumb.

Add “new changes”

Page needs to be redesigned.

Difficult to understand what the play button is.

Potential to combine details and history into one page/ one interaction.

Same suggestion for breadcrumb use over back button and colored boxes

Look at content strategy to better communicate that the password is

Same suggestion for breadcrumb use over back button

This is pulled from the audit but doesn’t visually appear similar.

Consider how to better integrate “show diff”

Move help text to inline help.

Specify additional email addresses to allow admin to create mailing