Weekly Dev/Design Meeting: Dashboard



Presented by Tomer

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Consider having widgets Save positions automatically without having to
click button.

Auto Refresh button - not clear that this was turning off/on auto
refresh. I assumed it was manual. Change button to text – “Auto Refresh”,
perhaps use a switch.

Consider letting widgets refresh on their own vs. the entire page

Documentation button should go to page about widgets

Overall comment - Evaluate which widgets are most popular by user role.

Search is not ideal for all widgets. Considering grouping widgets by
category then grouping search for that category so the user understands the
context. Short term solution would be to change “Filter…” to be more
descriptive of what you’re actually searching.

These two charts could be combined into one chart. Perhaps using the
Stacked Horizontal Bar Chart.

Change charts over to patternfly visualizations.


Switch to icon/text, or icon. Not just color (fails color blind standards)

Group red items at the top or only show errors.

Overall Comment: Where appropriate - offer quick link to corresponding
widget main page.

Offer status of host

Make items within table clickable.

Overall Comment: Not all widgets need to use tables. For example Host
Subscription status could be put in a donut or other visually appealing
layout. This will make the page more “exciting”, and also allow a visual
memory of which widget they are looking for that differentiates it from the
other widgets.

Other tables that could be converted (not a complete list as this is based
on what is available in my environment):

Content Host Subscription Status

Current Subscription Status

Task Status/Latest Warning Error Tasks

Virt-Who Configuration Statistics

Current Subscription Totals

Subscription widget items should be clickable.

Potentially combine Task Status and Latest Warning/Error Tasks into one
multi-faceted widget.

Add date to this table. Also not clear what is applicable.

This is more of a call to action piece than a widget. It would lend
itself well to a landing page.

Unusual display of status/date. Break status out into icon next to title
(in same column, front of title), change “Status” to Date”, display date.

Overall Comment: Are all widgets fixed height? Can we change this?