Weekly Dev/Design Meeting - Smart Class Parameters


Smart Class Parameters

Presented by Ori

··· -

Switch order of buttons

Put help text in inline help

Remove entire link on “Reset Puppet Environment….” to Reset Puppet
Environment to match selected Content View.

Omit inline help icon should not be blue.

Tooltip for overriden flag icon so users know what it means

Searching within specific environments, this is a greater problem of
consistency with search interaction. Some search criteria dropdowns appear
before the input box, and in this instance after.

User Title Case for all labels… such as “ Key type” = “Key Type”

Change help icons to black

New Documentation button solution coming soon!

Remove blue from Add Matcher

Lines probably not needed in Specify Matchers table

Add error icon and remove red text.

When items are removed - remove error.

Add Error icon to tab

Remove lines, use spacing to create rows because fields are already
boxed in.

Have full screen button remain in the top right.