What are the distributed architecture for Katelllo with Foreman?

Hi Guys,

I am trying to make my self understand the concept of foreman in terms of Installation & configuration but finding bit confusing on the available document on the theforeman.org site.
if i want to install foreman with katello on below servers so what steps I need to follow to successfully deploy.

How are the required steps to integrate there server with each other to work successfully.


Server-1.excel.net needs to been installed DNS-DHCP-TFTP-BMC Proxy please make a note of the same.

first step would be installing Foreman + Katello on server-2. You can get Puppet master, Puppet CA and “embedded” Smart Proxy as a part of an installation. Please be aware that there is a proposal to drop MySQL support in the future.

Then you can install additional Smart Proxy on server-1 which would have DNS, DHCP, TFTP, BMC features.

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Thanks for the clarification Ondrej_Prazak.

Would appreciate if you can share the exact command which I can used on both system with required parameters.?
I am bit confused about the parameter.


I understand that installer may seem daunting due to the number of options. You can’t go wrong with default install command for Foreman + Katello, which will also give you Puppet server and CA. Unfortunately katello does not support MySQL, so you will need to have Postgres.

foreman-installer --scenario katello

It still worth going through the foreman-installer --scenario katello --help, it lists all the parameters and shows what is available by default - if you know there are features you will definitely not use, you can disable them.

Same goes for installing smart-proxy, the installation instructions I linked in previous comment do have an example command which should give you a quick start. The proxy features can be turned on or off quite easily, so if you find that a feature is missing, you can re-run installer and enable it.