What are the steps to configure for BMC support in Foreman?

Hi Team,

I am very new to foreman & I am looking for configuration steps to enable BMC on foreman server.

where I have started with below steps
1- Run this command on foreman server #foreman-installer --foreman-proxy-bmc=“true” --foreman-proxy-bmc-ssh-poweron=“true”

2- following the manual to configure the bmc.yml file parameter 1.22 foreman manual Foreman :: Manual
below is the bmc.yml file config.

[root@foremansrv settings.d]# cat bmc.yml
# BMC management (Bare metal power and bios controls)
:enabled: https

# Available providers:
# - freeipmi / ipmitool - requires the appropriate package installed, and the rubyipmi gem
# - shell - for local reboot control (requires sudo access to /sbin/shutdown for the proxy user)
# - ssh - limited remote control (status, reboot, turn off)
:bmc_default_provider: ipmitool

what is other steps i need to follow to configure to manage power management of the host in foreman?

just FYI-- I am running my foreman server on Virtual Machine.
Hi Team,

I am really not getting any relevant document to enable this feature other than what I have mentioned above.

Would appreciate if someone help me here..


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Now, you need to refresh features for your proxy, then you will be able to associate BMC NICs with your hosts. Smart Proxy will use ipmitool which must be installed to perform commands on these IP addresses.

Thanks Izap, Now Its working I have checked.