What do the Foreman Installer `--puppet-server-git-repo` options do?

Hi folks,

I’m looking into setting up a new Foreman/Puppet server with multiple Puppet environments, each synced to a Git repository.

When reviewing the Foreman docs, I saw these Foreman Installer options:

–puppet-server-git-repo Use git repository as a source of modules
–puppet-server-git-repo-group Git repository group
–puppet-server-git-repo-mode Git repository mode
–puppet-server-git-repo-path Git repository path
–puppet-server-git-repo-user Git repository user

What do these options do? Are they at all related to using Git with multiple Puppet environments?

-= Stefan

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looking at the installer modules source it looks like you can configure a puppet environment to be directly cloned from git by the installer.
I’m not familiar with the used puppet module for git though, so I might be somewhat off.
The link above leads directly to the relevant lines in the puppet module called by the installer, so you can take a look yourself if you want to :slight_smile:

It is indeed a way to deploy modules. The idea is very similar to r10k but implemented when there was no r10k. Nowadays I’d recommend r10k and I’ve actually considered deprecating that git setup. Perhaps I’d slightly hijack this thread if I asked if anyone was still using this feature, but I am wondering :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the clarification.

I would recommend creating a new, separate thread and ask if people still use that feature. You’ll get better visibility, especially for posterity.

Do you use it?