What host notifications would you like to have?

In order to improve user experience, we are thinking about having a notification that would be created when host build is marked as failed. @lzap suggested it might be more useful to have a notification for expired token and when the build is successful. What combination of these would you like to see? Are there any other host provisioning related notifications you would find useful?

I’d suggest to create a host provisioning notification kind that would inform me as an owner of the host:

  1. the provisioning has been completed successfully
  2. the provisioning failed (only some OS/failure) can be detected during the process
  3. the provisioning failed since the token has expired - this may need some background processing regular checker or change the implementation of host substatuses as described at https://projects.theforeman.org/issues/18975#note-4

A quick follow up: the PR for notification has been closed, because we do not have a clear criteria when host build should be marked as failed.

I’d like to ask anyone who would find this notification helpful to suggest a definition of what failed host build actually means.