What is preferred between SALT and Puppet?

Hello there,

I’m actually setting a foreman to manage a set of computers (client-sided) and I have a question about how to do it ?

If I follow and read the documentation I can see that “managing host with Ansible / puppet” is on another page with the mention “unsupported” next to the release.

On the other side SALT is inside the documentation (Paragraph 11).

I have no preferences on wich one to use but if possible I want to use the techno supported by Foreman community.


Hi @AlexD

To my understanding, there is no difference between Ansible, Puppet, and Salt as far as support in Foreman+Katello on EL goes. I cannot speak for Foreman without Katello or Foreman on Debian.

Regarding documentation: I don’t know why it says “unsupported” right now but I’ll investigate. The last two stable releases are supported; that is Foreman 3.6 and 3.7 as of August 2023.

Thanks for bringing this up. The other reason is that there are standalone guides for “Configuring Hosts with Ansible + Puppet”, but not Salt. Salt is currently part of the “Managing Hosts” guide. I’ll add this to my TODO to extract it to a separate guide.


Thanks for the answer.

FYI: We’ve moved the docs to a standalone guide: Configuring Hosts Using Salt.