What is the latest GA for katello

Hi, what is the official page with the latest release information for the katello?
Foreman :: Plugin documentation index lists version 4.0 as the latest and redirects to https://docs.theforeman.org
I see 4.2 announcement for GA, but changelog file katello/CHANGELOG.md at KATELLO-4.2 · Katello/katello · GitHub indicates it is still ‘Alfalfa’


Hey @vchepkov - we announce all the latest releases here.
4.2 is long released, and is the latest version, and 4.3 is imminent!

We need to fix some things, I see! Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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@mcorr @vchepkov

A quick update: the gem for 4.3 is released and in the hands of the delivery folks, once they do their magic it will get pushed up to the repos and I will make the announcement.