What tags should we have?

One of a few posts to start discussing the “go-live” configuration. Obviously we can roll forward as our uses change.

Tags can be applied to posts either at creation, or later by a moderator. They can be filtered on in the UI, and notified on for a given user. This is powerful if we have the right tags :wink:

We have to decide what tags there should be, and who can create new ones. For creation, I’m going to start be restricting creating new tags to trust level 3 and above - this is to reduce the amount of fragmentation you get when typo’ing tags.

We don’t want too many - while the tag box autocompletes in New Topic (substring match too, nice), it’s messy on the All Tags chooser on the Latest page. I’d say ~20 feels right for starters. For the starting tag set. I propose the following tags. Firstly, some generic ones:

  • discussion
  • action

These are to alert people to places that input is wanted or action needs to be taken. Then some for the core project:

  • core
  • proxy
  • installer
  • infra

Do we need to break that down a little? Could be overkill, but maybe:

  • ui
  • api
  • hammer
  • provisioning/cfgmgmt/compute

And then there’s plugins… dear me, that could be a lot of tags. I’d say 20ish tags is the most we want? We’ve already got ~10 there, so maybe the top ten plugins, by some metric? That would be (with a little filtering):

  • ansible
  • bootdisk
  • chef
  • discovery
  • docker
  • hooks
  • katello
  • remote-execution
  • templates
  • salt
  • and of course, “plugin”, for a catch-all

We can re-evaluate this and add/remove tags as the popularity of posts on a given plugin changes, but I hope that’s a reasonable starting set.