When I create a new host in Web UI,which soft need to be installed on client linux

Problem: When I create a new host in Web UI,which soft need to be installed on client linux

Expected outcome: I don’t know how to ,as poor document ,or I can not find the right doc,anyone can help me

Foreman and Proxy versions:

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Hi there!

Depending on if you are using a Foreman (here) or Foreman+Katello (here) system there are documentations how to setup clients.

HI,bro,when I use crul register a host,raise error
curl: (51) Unable to communicate securely with peer: requested domain name does not match the server’s certificate.
already use --insecure,still raise this error
how to do ,thank you
by the way,when you install foreman ,how to set ur local FQDN?

where is the server ca file from?
I already cp this ca.pem to host

Are you using the automatically generated self-signed certificate or did you provide one yourself?

Tbh if you provide -k or --insecure to curl it should definitely ignore invalid certificates.
Could you provide the full output of the curl command (as well as more about your configuration, I can only suspect that you are running a Foreman server and a client, which OSes, …)

yes,I used automatically generated self-signed certificate.
in fact,I don’t know how to generate it myeself
already use -k or --insecure to curl ,but still error,later will provide full output
thanks ,bro

Oh you are directly running the | bash the global registration script you are downloading here has more curl commands in itself.

Might be the best to download it as file (i.e. -o registration.sh), so you can check it first for the curl commands in it which don’t have --insecure.

Tbh I expect more issues after the registration, so might be better to import the self-signed certificate of your foreman instance into your systems certificate truststore.