When trying to enable Manage for my host unable to edit the OS property

Hello Team,
I am trying to update my OS from Rocky linux 8.7 to 8.8 and for that I am trying to use ALL hosts>>Select the host and edit >> Manage Host >> Change the OS from 8.7 to 8.8 .

It fails with error the name should not have any periods . However I can see there are few other machines which were handled by my predecessor and they have same naming convention including the (. and -) . Can you help and is it the right way to upgrade OS.?

Typically you do not need to upgrade the OS information in the WebUI by yourself as you likely use some configuration or software management which will update the information after doing the actual update on the system using dnf in this case.

Problem is when I execute dnf update or yum update the machine with rocky8.7 shows no dependencies to resolve and it keeps the package in 8.7 only

Is the Foreman installation a Katello one so you need to provide the newer packages by syncing the repositories and publishing and promoting a new Content View version? More information to the environment would be good to understand the problem and give hints.