Where are packages stored?


I have foreman/katello 2.5.1/4.1.0 with centos 7 and centos 8 stream repos setup.

I think this is just a simple question: Where are repositories and their packages stored? I can’t find them on disk. Is there a way to browse the packages using a web browser a-la the centos mirror site?


Packages are in /var/lib/pulp. However, this isn’t really browsable. Pulp 2 did have that design (and used tons of symlinks). A major change in Pulp 3 is that this is done via the pulpcore-content application. Now I don’t know if pulpcore-content can generate a “directory” listing.

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You can find the repository link on the repository page under “Published At:”.

It looks like this:


e.g. https://foreman.example.com/pulp/content/ORG/Library/custom/centos7/base_x86_64/

for content views replace “Library” with “LElabel/CVlabel”

e.g. https://foreman.example.com/pulp/content/ORG/Production/centos7/custom/centos7/base_x86_64/

However, you cannot browser between repos, content views, environments. You’ll need to know all the names to this path, e.g. from the foreman UI or from the redhat.repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d on your clients.

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