Where are you from? and updating our community user's map

I found out that we have this cool map feature in TheForeman that shows where our users are located.

EDIT: an actual working map: users map

If you are interested in updating it,
go to User > Preferences > Profile OR https://community.theforeman.org/u/<USERNAME>/preferences/profile

Update the Map Location input.

Cheers :beers:


btw… I am Ron, located in Israel :wave:

Unfortunately it only shows the events, not the users. But yes, this would be a nice feature.

Dirk, located in Nuremberg, Germany (you can find me already on the map because of the events I organized)

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Interesting, yesterday I saw Ohad and myself from Israel but today I also see only the events…:stuck_out_tongue:
@upadhyeammit any idea how to refresh the data on the map and get the users’ locations?
in the preferences section, it mentions that the location will be visible publicly on the map.

It’s a different map. Go to the Burger menu, select users and then click on “user map”. There you have them all.

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Thanks @x9c4 !

Hello world:

:wave: Wes, here. Northeastern part of the US in West Virginia.

Greetings from Bordeaux, France !
( I’ve already updated my position in my preferences :wink: )

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