Where did the Package RPMS icon go?

In the content hosts view, each host usually has 4 icons in the “installable updates” column:
Security, BugFix, Enhancement, Installable RPMS.

This is working in Katello 4.2. In Katello 4.3, the “Installable RPMS” icons are missing, unless there are actual updates available. That is, the black “zero available rpms” icons are gone. I have attached screenshots of the difference.

Expected outcome:
Icons display as they used to? If this is an actual change and expected, I cannot find it in the release log.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Working: Foreman 3.0.2/Katello 4.2.2
Not working: Foreman 3.1.2-2/Katello 4.3.1-1



This is an actual change that went in as part of a bigger change in 4.3 :slight_smile:

I’ll ask around the team and see if it makes sense to hide it and if we should bring it back. Thanks for raising this.

I would prefer to “unhide” it actually. Especially since the space taken by the icons is still used (but blank). “Feels” to me like it’s broken and innconsistent…


I have added an issue for it and hopefully we’ll have it back in 4.5… :smiley:

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Excellent! Very much appreciated. Meanwhile at least I know my new 4.3.x is not “broken” ha.

Just upgraded to 4.5. Voila! It’s back and frankly, the UI looks SO much better and consistent now.


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