Where does katello (pulp) store errata reference URLs

I’m using a script to import CentOS errata information into Katello[1]. That script provides informational URLs to the server when it imports the information, with the command:

“pulp-admin rpm repo uploads erratum … --reference-csv=$reffile”

I can get those URLs back out of the system using pulp-admin[2], but I don’t see them stored in any SQL database. Does anyone know where those are stored?

1: https://github.com/rdrgmnzs/pulp_centos_errata_import


 # pulp-admin rpm repo content errata --erratum-id=CEBA-2018:3202 --repo-id=d8a2a84d-d2a1-4ec3-ac9e-b4825abbc34f
                        Erratum: CEBA-2018:3202
  ID:   CEBA-2018:3202
  Type: Bug Fix Advisory
  Link: https://access.redhat.com/errata/RHBA-2018:3202

  ID:   CEBA-2018:3202
  Type: Bug Fix Advisory
  Link: https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-cr-announce/2018-December/005798.html

Pulp uses MongoDB so you can roughly get the same results you’re seeing here by connecting to the pulp database and running a query:

> use pulp_database
> db.units_erratum.find( {}, {errata_id: 1, type: 1, "references.href": 1});