Where is Foreman going


We’re looking at Foreman for possible use. The question I have is related to ongoing development and support. What I’ve seen looks interesting, but is there a roadmap for Foreman, and what has the support experience been like?



Well, Foreman is upstream project of several different commerical products including Red Hat Satellite 6. There are dozens of people working full time on the project, lot of community people and countless happy users. We actually don’t know how many, but google Foreman Community Survey for some rough numbers.

Support experience really depends on how much resources you are willing to invest. Foreman is a complex project, be prepared to run into problems. We almost never leave questions unanswered on this forums, unless it’s really bad (not enough info provided). But you are on your own and sometimes you might get your hands dirty (identify the issue, find a bug, report it, talk about it and implement a workaround).

We reply on a daily basis mostly, this is not professional 24/7 support with two hours reaction time tho. If you want that, you can buy one of the products based on Foreman.

Regarding our agenda, we have a strict schedule of new release every three months. Up next are UI improvements, compute resources GCE/Azure, improving Infoblox and preparing for Rails 6 upgrade. And many more.

Good luck with Foreman. It is used by many top 500 Fortune companies and it scales up to 100,000 hosts :slight_smile: