Where is the remote execution command output?

Running latest Foreman/Katello and doing some testing with the “Remote execution” plugin and just sending like “ls;pwd;date” to one of the hosts and the command is successful but I can not seem to find the command output anywhere.
Looking at the “Raw” tab for the remote action the “Raw Output” section is empty.What am I missing?

When you click on Hosts in the Job detail page, you see a list of hosts and then by clicking on the host you can see the output live.

From the host detail page I click the Jobs button and get to " Job invocations". In the description column I click on the command I sent and I get to a similar page as above but I have two tabs, Overview and “Preview templates”, no Hosts tab.
One thing I noticed is that since I am running the command on a proxy it actually ran the command on itself (localhost). Not sure that matters…

This it how it looks:

Ah, you are right, it was moved done on the Overview tab, but documentation was not updated. So just click on the hostname where the second black bar is in your screenshot.

ahh, not sure how I missed it, thanks.