Who uses Foreman on our landing page


during our website redesign kickoff, I brought an idea to the table of showing selected Foreman users on our landing page. At the moment, most users are tracked on our wiki page:


Now, my goal is to reach out to representatives which I can dig in the wiki history (at least some of them) and ask for approval for putting the company name, logo and link onto our new frontpage. As a resonable approval, an email to my company account would be sufficient.

I need your help. If you are running Foreman in a company and the company either is or is not on the wiki, drop me a line at lzap_at_redhat_dot_com with an explicit approval and link to official logo or branding document. I will get back to you once we have a prototype of the new landing page for counter-approval.

I was able to dig emails of people added the following links:

I have a list of emal addresses of authors who changed the wikipage and I will send an e-mail to them asking for permission. I created a spreadsheet where I will be marking approvals (redhatters or core team only link - it contains emails sorry).

The following were added by anonymous users or these were added by us (likely from talking to people from conferences). We will need to drop these unless you are able to find the contacts for me:

Thanks for help.

I have sent an e-mail to the people I gathered last week. I used BCC, recipient was @ohadlevy and for full transparency here is the full text:


(you are reading those lines because your e-mail is in BCC)

I am Lukáš from Red Hat engineering working on the open-source project
https://theforeman.org. I am reaching to you because you have changed
our Who Uses Foreman wikipage in the past:


We are in process of redesigning our project website and as part of
our effort, we would like to change the landing page and put some
references of companies using Foreman. I am looking for an approval to
put a link with the company name, the company logo or both to our
landing page.

Please reply to this email if you approve putting company name or logo
to the landing page at https://theforeman.org. Do not reply otherwise
and this will be the only communication in this regard.

Company name: YES / NO
Company logo: YES / NO
Company name:
Company URL:
Official logo download link:

The expected rollout of the new landing page is beginning next year, I
will send out an email with counter-approval once we have a final
version. Chances are you are no longer involved with the company, in
that case I apologize for reaching out to you. If there is a chance to
get a contact to someone still working with Foreman that would be

Thank you and I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

For the record, 5 emails returned back. That’s lower than I expected. The only reference that would sound great is @Bryan_Seitz former of Symantec now working for Dropbox:


Unfortunately LinkedIn does not allow me to send him a message as I only have free account. Dropbox does not publish their e-mail address format, tried to google a bit but no luck. Bryan, in case you are reading this get back to me please.

Here are a few more I could find through our git log.

commit 140cfe262eac838e76eb27517bd0271beab9be15
Author: <redacted, look up the commit>
Date: Wed Apr 8 09:09:29 2015 -0500

There’s also GitHub - citrix/foreman-cloudstack , maybe the author ‘ddoc’ can answer your email.

Try contacting Justin Slatten - FICO | LinkedIn , he mentions using Foreman in his current position at FICO. I even merged a commit of his refs #4521 - Openstack Compute Resource: Boot from Volume on new Host · theforeman/foreman@3f56eab · GitHub

Josh Baird - Foreman this guy (his nickname sounds familiar from IRC too) has a follett.com address. I assume he’s the one who added it there or mentioned.

Projects | Sysadminia this guy has his email in the About page, he mentions using Foreman at Cognotekt.

Foreman & openvswich - #4 by Jens_Ott this guy logs show that he’s managing ericsson.se machines apparently, probably worth asking.

"Puppet at SpaceX" - Jok Thuau of SpaceX - PuppetCamp LA '12 | PPT this guy mentions using it in a Puppetconf talk.

I hope that helps, another ‘big-name’ user which is worth sending that email is eBay.

People send me logos directly via e-mail as well, therefore created a folder on our Google Drive. Non-redhatters, if you need access drop me a line.

Thanks, figured out emails for all folks you mentioned, except SpaceX and eBay. Unfortunate.

So I created a Google Form to collect more Who uses Foreman entries in the future it’s available here: Using Foreman entry

Let me know if you want admin/edit access to the Form, for now I am giving it to Tomer, Ori, Marek, Ivan and Ohad.

The new Who uses Foreman page is starting to shape up in:

You should remove /prefill from the URL so it is the user and not admin URL.

I will try to get approval to add NETWAYS. I also will make colleagues and customers aware of it.

fixed the url for you :slight_smile:

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Thanks, updated it in the PR.

For the record, the overall goal is to have this on our landing page, but we are at stage 1 of our website changes: fixing our bad navigation (top menu).