Why after deployment of the Host_id it is getting discover again?

Hi Guys,

I am using foreman 1.22 version with auto discovery Image,and now i am facing very strange issue that when I discover host and foreman assign host_id, using the host id i deploy the OS on the baremetal host.

But now I have observe that few of the server get re discover even after the deployment and it show in discovered host option on the UI does any one knows what is the issue here?


Discovered nodes upload facts every 15 minutes by default, it is possible they upload facts once again creating a new discovered host while provisioning already have started but FDI wasn’t rebooted yet. We’ve seen this in the past.

You can configure the delay between fact uploads via kernel command line to let’s say 2 hours so it won’t happen.

Thanks Izap for your reply.

I was going through foreman manual document but couldn’t find the command can you please direct to me correct document link or share the command to the change the delay.

Thanks in advance


It’s fdi.uploadsleep. By default 60*15 seconds.

Needs to be added to docs.

Hi Izap,

To be honest i am not very much familiar with command line and detail files of foreman component max time I use GUI to manage my resource.
would be great if you can tell me location and file where i can go and change this setting fdi.uploadsleep on my foreman server will di & let you know the result.


The same document.

I am not able to find, since i am not the expert in foreman.
but incase anyone knows which is the exact file or command please share.


Chapter 7.4, you want to edit pxelinux_discovery (or pxegrub2 depending on your PXE loader). This is how it looks like: https://github.com/theforeman/foreman/blob/develop/app/views/unattended/provisioning_templates/snippet/pxelinux_discovery.erb