Why discovered host on screen showing N/A in latest's server response?

Hello Guys,

I am just deploying foreman 2.3 with FDI-3.5.7 version.
Everything looks fine except when I am booting the Server from the PXE then it is getting booted from the FDI and showing as below in the can some please point me what is can be wrong here

This looks like a regression I had no time to look into yet. I see the same on my systems.

Thanks, but any workaround solution to mitigate this ?

Nothing I am aware of.

Discovery job is performed by a different service on the background and there was not response yet. There should be /tmp/discovery-http-success or /tmp/discovery-http-failure file created on the background, this whole TUI is extremely clunky, you can use Status button to refresh the status until you see something.

Enable SSH or root password and sign in and investigate in system journal what is going on. The service that performs discovery is called “discovery” I think.

Thanks Izap, i tried given your input at client machine but could not able to set the ssh password since while doing that system was throwing out from the console.

but when i click on the status after few time status started showing success.

is it bug of any issue not sure ?


Your DHCP or network is too slow to initialize, there is a kernel option to make the 45 seconds delay longer, so TUI will wait more time before it shows up.

Hi Izap,
I am not aware of the Kernel option could you please help us with any document link which state the configuration steps…


Yeah these are not documented:


These are in the old docs:


I am making a note to migrate them.

Hi Izap,

is the parameter needs to be used "fdi.countdown=120" from the above document list or something else? please comment.



Thanks Izap, it works.