Wimboot is empty

Problem: when I installed winodws operatingsystem,I found boot/windows-x86_64-windows10-palrV853JwR2/wimboot is empty .I use kickstart default PXEGrub2 this template.

When I installed windows operatingsystem.It reported error :invalid magic number you need to load the kernerl first.
I don’t know whether the error information has anything to do with this.Please help me
@lzap @mcorr
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**Foreman and Proxy versions:**2.0

**Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:**2.0

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Hi @zsy12

Foreman has no official support.
People in the community offer up their spare time to help out where they can.
Please do not tag individual people in your posts.


Sorry to bother you.

Do you know the reason for this problem

You can’t use kickstart with windows. I suggest you do a step back and learn the basics. Foreman is a non-trivial software and even our documentation assumes pretty some knowledge of administration and provisioning automation.

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I saw this problem. You said windows could not be installed with UEFI before, and now foreman can’t ?