Windows agents do not appear to get default environment


Don't know if this is related to my other issue or not
(!topic/foreman-users/lRTw75XLjl4), but a
significant issue I am facing is that new Windows hosts do not appear to be
assigned a default environment.

I am using Foreman 1.8.2 on Ubuntu - pretty much an unchanged out of the
box installation.

If I install the Puppet Agent (I've tried v3.8.2 and v3.7.3) to a new host
that Puppet / Foreman do not already know about, once the agent reports in,
the environment field is blank.

I can manually assign the environment, after which the agent picks up the
classes for my environment, but I really want it to be assigned

I am also trying to use the default host group plugin to assign a host
group based on $osfamily, I can't seem to make that work either :frowning: I think
it is related.

Facts get populated, but the properties tab on the host details is not.

Help!! :slight_smile: