Windows Provisioning with WDS

Hi all, I’m trying to integrate Foreman server provisioning with WDS in a VMware environment. My DHCP and WDS servers reside on the same server. When I create a new host, everything seems to work fine: VM is created as expected, MS DNS record is created, and MS DHCP reservation is created. However, even when selecting None as my PXE Loader, a blank option 60 is created. I already have option 60 set in my scope options as “PXEClient”, which boots using WDS fine. With this blank option, the client doesn’t know what to do. Is there any way to stop this option from being created? Or to customize it to be the same as the scope options? We are primarily a Microsoft shop so we are trying to do without TFTP/PXE on the Foreman server. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

I’ve decided its just easiest to chainload. Thanks anyway.