Windows server 2022 installation error

I would like to install windows server 2022.
I prepared everything iso + configure media on foreman Gui.
In the section of gust os I chose 2022

when I install windows server 2022 I am getting this error

Does anyone can assist?

If I will install manually I do have 2022 in my VMware.

Version of foreman 3.9.3

What was the error from Vcenter? That error sounds like it was trying to access a resource in the cluster that is not available with what you picked? Do all the hosts support the hardware version of the VM you are using? Which VMware version are you using?

1 what was the error form the vcneter:
I am getting this error in the end its also delete the machine.

2: Yes, they support.
3. vSphere version

What is the different between winodws2022srvNext_64Guest and winodws2019srv_64Guest??

Can you adjust “Edit Default VM Compatibility” to “ESXi 7.0 U2 and later”. on the Datacenter or directly on the clusters. If you login in to the esxi hosts directly through the UI and try to make a VM, do you see server 2022 in the dropdown list of the Guest OS’s? I don’t know the difference off the top of my head but 2019 is the same Kernel as 2022 just like Windows 10 is similar to 11. So if you pick 2019 and try to install 2022 it should still work.

I found the problem I didn’t choose the right guest OS.
winodws2019srvNext_64Guest= server 2022
winodws2022srvNext_64Guest = server 2025
I manage to continue to the installation, but I am getting a different error in the installation - the disk you specified is not valid. I will try to understand what is wrong in my configuration.
Thank :slight_smile:

Glad it worked :slight_smile: The other error you are hitting sounds like the disk you are selecting is not available to all the hosts, if it’s an NFS share make sure it’s mounted to all the esxi hosts. If you are picking a local disk to an esxi hypervisor make sure you select that hypervisor since the DRS could be being dumb. It could be something else but usually that’s what it means.

When i am trying to install winodws server 2022 I chose guest os winodws2019srv_64Guest equals to 2019 its works. (means the guest os will be 2019 but the server os is 2022).
If I chose winodws2019srvNext_64Guest I am getting this error

After you install Windows Server 2019, can you turn off the VM, edit the settings under VM options and change it to Windows Server 2022? That should fix the issue, so it matches the actual OS.

I prefer not to do it in this way.
I will try to investigate it.