Wipe Katello and Foreman clean

CentOS 7.9
Foreman 3.2
Katello 4.4

I have been building out a new system. After installing Katello I have been using hammer to script the full install of the rest of the system based on a previous Katello install. Naturally, I have made many mistakes along the way. So once I get everything scripted I would like to know if there is a simple way to wipe the system config without have to remove Katello and re-install it.

Basically, back out the config, remove all the downloaded repos …


In your case the simple answer is: reinstall the OS. Support for CentOS 7 will be deprecated very soon, thus you wouldn’t get very far with your installation… Use EL8.


Any idea when CentOS 7 will no longer be supported by Foreman/Katello?

I amazon linux supported at all for the system OS or Rocky Linux 8?

I think with Foreman 3.4: The EL7 deprecation checklist - #5 by upadhyeammit

So if its Foreman 3.4 I am guessing about 1 years time.

What about support for running on amazon linux or Rocky Linux 8 / AlmaLinux 8 … Or is only RHEL8 and CentOS stream supported? (Not counting Ubuntu.)

No. 3.3.0 is already RC2. Release Announcements - TheForeman

So I guess you have approx. 6 months until 3.3 will be unsupported…

Even though docs are currently not really following, I think any EL8 (RHEL 8 derivate) should do. I am currently starting a new installation on AlmaLinux 8…