Yum repository synced but 0 packages viewed by subscripted hosts

First excuse my english.

I have installed a foreman and i have an issue with 2 repository
in the sync plan there is no problem and they have packages downloaded.

On the host subscribed to this repo, when i make a yum repolist, there is 0 packages in the repository.

What could be the problem ?

Foreman 2.3.3
on Centos 7

thanks in advance

Hi @Zippopotamme, welcome to the Foreman community forums.

Did you upgrade to Foreman 2.3 / Katello 3.18 or was it a fresh install? I’m asking to find out if your system is on Pulp 2 or Pulp 3 for its backend content system.

If you go to one of the failing repository’s pages and click on the “Published At” link, do you see all of your packages there? Can you test downloading one?

You could also try a subscription-manager refresh on the client to see if it helps.

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thanks for your answer.
It’s a fresh install
pulpcore is 3.7
pulp-server is pulp-server-2.21.5-1.el7.noarch

When i go on the “Published At” link, there are no packages, only a config.repo file and a repodata repository (with some *.xml.gz and a repomd.xml)

the repos publish without problem but