Yum repository synchronization error

an error occurs when syncing CentOS 8 repository extra
No declared artifact with relative path “images/boot.iso” for content “<DistributionTree: pk=d4ea811e-669e-4736-b16c-741e3775fde6>”
Expected outcome:
successful synchronization
Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
Other relevant data:

Could be related?

Well, actually I do use AlmaLinux8. Isn’t it possible to synchronize the repository for it?

So far this problem has just appeared during 2to3 migrations, not syncs, but it could well affect syncs as well. From what I understand it is not entirely clear why syncs are affected differently…

I rebooted the server and the synchronization started, but in the end it just hung in half and nothing has been happening for an hour

moreover, synchronization cannot be canceled, and the repository cannot be deleted. Since the task of deleting the repository is blocked by the synchronization task. is it possible to forcibly stop syncing?

Maybe you have to find the relative historical tasks concerned by this synchronization, and force cancel them, because it locks the other one you are trying to launch.