A few things on the content host view that annoys me :)

  1. Subscription status column is super wide just to fit the header text. The actual information in the column is just one character. Perhaps shorten the header?
  2. Installable Updates shows the number on the left of the icon for 3 types and above the packages updates icon. Sorta ugly :slight_smile:
    Maybe also make it a little wider so the number can be on the left of the packages updates icon instead of above.
  3. OS column too wide. I assume there are no OS names with that long names?
  4. Time in AM/PM for the two last columns. 95% of all countries does not use AM/PM. Can we get a setting to fix this?

Thanks for the feedback! As it turns out, though, fixes for #1-3 are not likely.

The Content Hosts page is deprecated and being replaced by the new host details page (Hosts > All Hosts > (click your hostname). Besides entitlement-based subscription management (which is also deprecated), all functionality in Content Hosts should now be available on the new page. Also, we’ve started working on replacing the Content Host list page with a new host list page.

For the AM/PM issue this definitely sounds like a valid issue. You can report it here: Foreman

OK, would be nice to maybe get a heads up in the GUI that it is deprecated. When will it be removed?
So there will not be a way to actually list all hosts and see how many installable updates there are available when that view is gone? And how about these actions?

I think this is Bug #35744: React-intl components are not translated - Foreman and there’s a PR for it:

The host details page is available now, but the new host list page is still in the early planning stages (sorry, I get those mixed up sometimes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) Rest assured the old page and the new page will overlap, so you’ll never be missing any functionality.

Also please note that there’s a new feature on the current Hosts > All Hosts page where you can customize the table columns. You can add ‘Subscription status’ and ‘Installable updates’ there.

The actions will be included in the new page as well. You may be interested in RFC: Combining host index pages (All hosts, Content hosts) - bulk actions

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