Can't get any devel forklift boxes to run

The furthest I got was with centos8-katello-devel-stable.

However, after running:

cd foreman
bundle install
bundle exec foreman start

I get forklift_start_errors.log (22.7 KB)

If I run bundle exec rails webpack:compile I get forklift_webpack_compile_errors.log (14.6 KB).

Clearly webpack appears broken in this “stable” box, and the GUI is accordingly mangled when accessed.

node --version gives v12.20.1 (I heard the node version could be an issue).

I may be missing something obvious, since I only start new forklift boxes once in a blue moon, so any help is appreciated!


I had same problem today, for me fix was to run npm install in katello folder. Not sure why but running npm install only in foreman folder didn’t helped

This seems to have done something, I now get 12:03:10 webpack.1 | webpack: Compiled successfully. in the bundle exec foreman start output, but my login screen still looks like this:

successfully reproduced, searching for a fix now


For the first Katello issue: install node 14 and all should work fine
For the second issue, where it seems like there is no css loaded:
Thanks to @evgeni there is a fix for it:

To apply it ,as root, do:

cd /usr/share/foreman-installer/modules/katello_devel/
git fetch origin pull/285/head
git checkout FETCH_HEAD
foreman-installer --scenario katello-devel