Category for professional support


we have a great community around Foreman and sometimes I see posts where I feel that it would be good advice to also recommend creating a post asking for professional (paid) help - installation, design, bug fix or even feature development.

Shall we create a category on Discourse for professional support? We can have a sticky post with links to all known distributions of Foreman and the place to ask or offer services for individuals. There are sites for connecting those people, but why not to be in the same place - this allows us cross-linking posts and better transparency for both sides.

I bet we have many experienced freelancers around. This would be complementary to existing commerical offerings, this will definitely not be place for $ 50,000 deals.

What you think?

I’m honestly unsure how I feel on this one. You make good points, but my impression is that we don’t get very many posts of this nature, and I don’t want to get to a place where we have too many categories (I’ve seen that happen on other Discourse sites, and it’s not pleasant).

My inclination is to leave it until the volume of posts is larger - but of course, if there’s strong support for this from others then we can do it.

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I will just leave links to threads where commercial support is wanted just for the record, maybe we can re-evaluate this in the future.

Thanks Izap this issue can be closed turns out somebody moved the database to a diffrent server and did not document it.