CentOS 8 Stream installation with Foreman 2.3.5

Problem: Installation CentOS 8 Stream via PXE-Boot and Foreman and 2 GB of RAM is not possible, see attached screenshot.

“No space left on device” with dracut-initqueue

Expected outcome: Installation should be possible

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Your initramdisk seems to be corrupted, delete the initrd.img from the TFTP directory and try again. Stream changes PXE files quite often, we have merged a patch yesterday to solve this. It will be in Foreman 3.1.

Hi @lzap

Well…i have some doubt about that.
When i change the VM RAM to 4 GB the boot is possible.

Turning the VM off, setting RAM to 2 GB, turning on, then the installation brakes (screenshot).

I have seen this in the past and can confirm that it is a problem with the amount of RAM and since I was hit by this last week too I can also confirm that 2 GB is not enough. The RAM usage is steadily growing for the installer, when I first wrote our training material I recommended 1.5 GB, then 2 GB and now it seems like even this is not enough anymore. :frowning:

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Report on Red Hat Bugzilla, this is Anaconda’s problem not ours.

This is actually mentioned in system requirements - for PXE using HTTP(s)/NFS, a 3GB RAM is required for RHEL8+, while RHEL7 requires 1.5G RAM.

However this may be just a soft limit, because I am kickstarting my VMs from NFS and VMs have only 2GB RAM. Tested Alma, CentOS 8 + 8 Stream + 9 Stream, Rocky, RHEL 8 + RHEL 9.

RHEL 7 requirements
RHEL 8 requirements

It could be a Foreman thing actually, I tested very quickly deploying VMs using virt-install and it worked. Is there any additional memory requirement for Foreman when kickstarting over HTTP/NFS?

Yes, the memory requirement is tested by Red Hat with the typical installation. But with Foreman, you likely have much more complex kickstart with additional %post sections (installing Puppet, running Puppet etc). It will require more memory for sure.

How much? I don’t know. Make sure to make at least 4 GB VMs for kickstarting, then you can lower it down when necessary.

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