Choose a design for new Remote Execution Job invocation

In the new (and default) job invocation wizard we got some feedback that users would like to skip all the steps (for example when re-running a job).
Which button would you prefer to have for that?

Run on x hosts - will start the job execution on the selected hosts.

Skip to review - will move the user to the last step of the wizard with a summary of the job so it can be reviewed before running the job.

Screenshot from 2023-02-07 16-37-09

Screenshot from 2023-02-07 16-36-10

  • Run on X hosts
  • Skip to review
  • Both options

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I have chosen “Run on X hosts” because of In most cases I would skip the steps I will be sure enough to also skip the review.
Especially when I see the number of hosts, great detail! :+1:


Do you want people who you asked in person to vote too? Or would that make votes count twice? :wink:

Anyways, my reasoning is pretty much the same as Dirks.

Same here. Quite often I select the hosts in the hosts overview (that is also my “preview”) and then I just want to select the job type to run now.

For me it may even be more beneficial to have this workflow:

  • Go to hosts overview
  • Select hosts
  • Choose a bulk action
  • A small dialog with only “Job category” and “Job template” pops up
  • It starts after I confirm the dialog

Please answer here as well:)
And thank you to everyone who already answered!

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