Client repository for Debian / Ubuntu

I want to bring up this topic also if I can not do the work.

For the rpm based distribution we offer a client repository containing the katello-agent and scap-client, but for Debian and Ubuntu we do not offer this tools. There will be no katello-agent as far as I understood but for registering the systems to Katello we would need subscription-manager (which includes debian packaging instruction in and some package trace upload (can not find it at the moment). OpenSCAP and policies are available, so it would be also only packaging the client gem.

So I think we should provide this for full support of the Debian family and it should be a manageable effort (but I could be wrong).

I would be happy to hear some opinions and estimations of how much work it would be, especially from @mmoll as he does most (or all?) of the Debian packaging, @bernhard_suttner as he knows what ATIX perhaps already did and can provide and @tbrisker for release managers perspective.

CC @chris_nbg


For historical reasons we’ve included hammer in our base repository but in reality it’s more a client package. If there are Debian client repositories, then I’d consider moving it there.

Hi, the package_profile_upload is part of subscription-manager. There is no need for an additional (source) package.

Makes sense as far as I’m concerned, no idea regarding the amount of effort required to actually do it since I understand debian packaging even less than I do rpm packaging. @packaging team - what do you think?

Generally :+1:, but no idea how much work it’d be.

Do we have a working version of the deb package subscription-manager for ubuntu clients yet so that they can register to katello ?

There’s a consumable repository containing the subscription-manager for Debian 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 on See also Subscription Manager for Debian & Ubuntu on