Subscription Manager for Debian & Ubuntu on

Dear Foreman Community,
with great pleasure I want to present to you.

The site contains consumable repositories with a packaged subscription manager for Debian 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 along with general usage instructions. The packages are built for Debian 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 on architecture amd64 , codename stable , and component main . The metadata is signed.

We welcome any and all feedback.
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Great job! :+1: Would you also be so kind, as ATIX is maintainer for, to present an “official” repo for SLES15 and beyond to the foreman community, too? :slight_smile:

looks great will neeed to test this. Any availability for ubuntu 18 or ubuntu 16?

Hi @thomas-merz & @besmirzanaj
there’s currently no plans to release a packaged subscription manager for either SLES or any other Ubuntu version.
Regarding Ubuntu 18.04 and 16.04, you might actually use the Debian 10 repository which relies on python2 (in contrast to the subscription manager for Ubuntu 20.04 which uses python3). Note that this is untested from my side.
Best of luck,

Thank you Maximilian for the response. Appreciate it

You’re welcome. Let me know if it’s working out for you.

The long awaited release! Thanks!

However: based on which sources are these packages built (certain branch of Or are the changes (except the gpg key download fix) already upstreamed and this is built based on subscription-manager-1.28.4-1?

The subscription manager is based on an internal development branch.

As of today, holds version 1.25.1 of the subscription-manager for both Debian 10 and Ubuntu 20.04.

Are there any plans to publish the sources for the packages published on and maybe potentially upstream them into the candlepin/subscription-manager repository as well?

Hey @stickman123

A lot of community members have been asking this question, so I took some time to talk to @Bernhard_Suttner this afternoon. Please correct me if I misrepresent anything from ATIX here, but to summarize:

  • This, as you can tell from the other threads on Discourse, was a highly sought after feature. The decision to release it from stemmed from the desire to provide what people were asking for ASAP vs the time and resources ATIX had available to make the packages available via theforeman.
  • We discussed making a plan in which a full list of requirements to make the build environment available are known and as a community, we can work towards progressing with this.

If anything isn’t clear, please let me know!