Compute Attributes disapeared after upgrade from 1.22 to 1.23

Hi all,
I’m very new to Foreman and I need some support. I’m asked to upgrade a cluster to latest version.

Currently I’m upgrading from 1.22 to 1.23. It’s installed on a CentOS, so I use Yum repositories.
But at this point I’m losing Compute Attributes (like Network set up or Disk size) from Compute Profiles.
From the template menu I cannot even setup the Network.

In the same time I cannot provision new VMs using one of these profiles and I’m getting the error ‘Template not found’. I’m not sure that’s related.

If I check the profiles from API or the database, they seemed to be complete.

Expected outcome:
I don’t know what I missed. Does anyone has encountered a similar issue?

Foreman and Proxy versions:
foreman: 1.23.2
foreman-proxy: 1.23.2

Foreman and Plugins versions:
foreman_setup: 7.0.0
foreman_templates: 6.0.3
foreman_xen: 1.0.1
ovirt_provision_plugin: 2.0.3

Distribution and version:
Cent OS: 7.9

Other relevant data:
I don’t get any errors from logs during installation.

Ok it seems that the issue is coming from: foreman_xen: 1.0.1
If I keep the older version 0.7.1

I’ll keep you posted, if I find a workaround or a fix for the package

So I freezed the version of plugin to 0.7.1 and I was able to upgrade the master to Foreman 2.3 without any issue.
Everything works fine so far.

We loose the improvements made on 1.0.1, but I don’t have resources to work on it an propose a fix suitable for the usage.

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