Foreman Xen plugin is unmaintained - what should be done?

Compute Attributes disapeared after upgrade from 1.22 to 1.23 has brought to my attention the the Xen plugin is no longer maintained and potentially has issues with newer versions of Foreman.
The question is - are there folks currently using this plugin? is anyone willing to step up and start maintaining it again? If not, we should probably archive the repo and mark it as unmaintained to set clear expectations for users.

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One colleague of mine has one customer who uses it, but has always had problems as it always was in bad shape. I do not know more using the compute resource or Xen at all.

So :+1: from my side, but I would keep the packages until they break something so it does not affect users willing to live with the state.

For information the old Xenserver plugin version 0.7.1 works fine with Foreman 2.3
I just needed to freeze upgrade for this specific package.