Content Views fails to publish after adding Filter

New deployment from early December. Deployed as Katello 3.18. Single instance deployment.

Products and Repos sync without any errors.

I have created a CentOS 7 and Oracle 7 Content View. For both of these Content Views, I was able to add multiple repositories without issue.

CentOS 7 content view has 6 repos.
Upon adding a single “include” filter to my CentOS 7 Content View, I do not receive any errors. This specific filter is applied against a single Repo in the content view.

Oracle 7 content view has 8 repos.
Upon adding a single “exclude” filter to my Oracle 7 Content View, I receive a 502 error. This specific filter is applied against all Repos in the content view.

Error message:

Error message: the server returns an error
HTTP status code: 502
Response headers: {“date”=>“Tue, 12 Jan 2021 18:14:03 GMT”, “server”=>“Apache”, “content-length”=>“445”, “connection”=>“close”, “content-type”=>“text/html; charset=iso-8859-1”}
Response body:
502 Proxy Error

Screenshot of full error:

The filter removes the following packages, for all architectures, for all repos in Content View:

  • rhn-check
  • rhn-client-tools
  • rhn-setup
  • rhn-setup-gnome
  • rhnlib
  • rhnsd
  • yum-rhn-plugin
  • yum-plugin-ulninfo

After the error occurred, I was able to “promote” my environments back to a previous Version (version 14) without issue. I then deleted the Filter, and attempted to Publish another Version (just out of curiosity, since it should produce the same content as version14) however, it again received the same 502 proxy error, even though the Filter was not present.

Expected outcome:
I expect to be able to publish a Content View with a Filter.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Katello 3.18

Distribution and version:
CentOS 7.9

@barn I am sorry you had a problem with the filters, but thank your for letting us know about the problem.

I am trying to figure out when exactly the 502 error occurred. Is it possible the send the production logs around the time of the error. Also, do you still have the upstream URL for the oracle repository? If so, please share that too.


The error occurs when publishing the Content View with a Filter. The Products/Repos appear to be syncing without issue. Here are the 8 repos within the Content View:

addons -
base -
optional -
collections -
epel -
foreman -
ossec -
subscription manager -

I had previously rolled back my VM, so I didnt have the error anymore. Therefore I had to re-add the Filter, which did reproduce the same error.

In the logs, there are a 3 instances of “502 Proxy Error”. I expect the last instance in the error regarding my issue (?).

production.log-20210112.tar.gz (254.1 KB)

And here is screenshot of filter for reference:

Appreciate it.

i have identified that my issue is related to my implementation of the Oracle Software Collections repo. I came to this conclusion by first creating a “test0” Content View, and then applying that knowledge to the my “Oracle 7” Content View:

test0 Content View:
Version 1 - Add Oracle Base repo - success
Version 2 - Add RHN filter - success
Version 3 - Add Oracle Addons repo - success
Veriosn 4 - Add Oracle Optional repo - success
Version 5 - Add Oracle Software Collections repo - FAILED with 502 Proxy error!

Oracle 7 Content View:
Version 7 - Start over with 1 repo and 0 filters: Oracle Base repo added - success
Version 8 - Add Oracle Addons repo - success
Version 9 - Add Oracle Optional repo - success
Version 10 - Add Oracle Software Collections repo - success
Version 11 - Add EPEL repo - success
Version 12 - Add OSSEC repo - success
Version 13 - Add Foreman client repo - success
Version 14 - Add Dgoodwin repo - success
Version 15 - Add OSSEC Filter - success
Version 16 - Add RHN Filter - FAILED with 502 Proxy error!
(Promote Library enviorment back to Version 15)
Version 17 - Add RHN Filter again - FAILED with 502 Proxy error!
(Promote Library enviorment back to Version 15)
Version 18 - Remove Software Collections repo, and Add RHN Filter - success

However, I have no clue why Oracle 7 Software Collections is giving me this “502 Proxy Error” within Content Views, especially considering, there are not any errors within Products and Repos for this repository. Suggestions appreciated!

More info:

Oracle 7 Software collection repository:

Confirmation that all repo sync’s are successful:

@barn there was an issue for filters and repositories with large numbers of packages a few months ago. However, this should have addressed the error your have seen so far in 3.18.

We are still looking into this and we will try and see what might be the cause.

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Thank you for the clarification. If the team identifies a manual patch that can be applied, please share.

Just following up to understand if anyone was able to replicate the issue i’m seeing, or if im alone on this one.

In the meantime, ive created a second content view and grouped them together in a component view. This seems to be working without issue. But it would be preferable to have all the data in 1 content view so i don’t have to promote/publish as many times. Arguably, this is a small inconvenience.

I got the same 502 proxy error.
Did you get the solution for this issue?