Deb subscription

I am trying to register Ubuntu 118.04 host to Foreman /Katello using the command below, but I am getting the error message an error message.
deb_subscription --fqdn --organization “ABC” --location “Default Location” --activation_key “Ubuntu18-Activation-key” --username admin --password

“Error message: The operatingsystems Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic is not created, the post http request to foreman api failed”

Then I created a OS through the GUI Host >> Operating Systems >> Create Operating Systems but still getting the error message after typing the command

@m-bucher or @maximilian perhaps you might be able to help here? I don’t know too much about subscription-manager and Ubuntu, but it sounds like it might be preferable to deb_subscription? We don’t do any testing with deb_subscription, only subscription-manager. I found this: Subscription Manager for Debian & Ubuntu on

I just noticed this thread, perhaps it can help: Ubuntu client