Development of new DHCP Plugin - undefined method merge

I try to develop a new DHCP plugin.

At the find_record_by_mac function I have the following line:

return, mac_address,,""))

When I call “/unattended/built?token=xxx” I get the following error in the log:


2020-07-15T20:02:28 d784b476 [I] Finished GET /dhcp/ with 200 (261.72 ms)


2020-07-15T20:02:28 [W|app|d784b476] ProxyAPI operation FAILED
2020-07-15T20:02:28 [D|app|d784b476] Backtrace for 'ProxyAPI operation FAILED' error (ProxyAPI::ProxyException): ERF12-4395 [ProxyAPI::ProxyException]: DHCP-Eintrag für 56:6f:5f:b7:00:05 konnte nicht abgerufen werden ([NoMethodError]: undefined method `merge' for " / 56:6f:5f:b7:00:05":String) für Proxy
/usr/share/foreman/lib/proxy_api/dhcp.rb:56:in `rescue in record'
/usr/share/foreman/lib/proxy_api/dhcp.rb:45:in `record'
/usr/share/foreman/lib/net/dhcp/record.rb:57:in `conflicts'

Any idea how to solve this error ?

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I took the liberty to edit your post to add some code tags.

This suggests that it’s calling merge() on a String, but typically that’s called on a Hash.

I wonder what the JSON returned by the proxy is. Can you share that?

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If I call the proxy with curl http://theforeman:8000/dhcp/ I get the following string:

“ / 56:6f:5f:b7:00:03”

Do I need to return something different in the find_record_by_mac function to get an JSON output ?

The code in between isn’t very strict in what it sends back which makes it easy to create an invalid API response:

Sadly, the API is barely specified and the specific API isn’t even mentioned on API - Smart Proxy - Foreman

Digging in the source, it appears the data types have the json serialization defined:

So it’s recommended to use these data structures and return them instead of the raw Proxy::DHCP::Record. Also note how both reservation and lease extend `Record.

Yeah, you need to explicitly call to_json otherwise the object is converted to String via its to_s implementation, which in this case returns IP / MAC.

No, this is wrong. The DHCP API already calls to_json but you are calling Proxy::DHCP::Record. This class has no to_json defined so it falls back to to_s.


using Proxy::DHCP::Reservation in find_record_by_mac did fix the problem.

Out of interest, which DHCP server are you talking to? Any chance it will be relevant for others and you’ll open source it?


Univention Corporate Server (UCS) and yes I will publish it on github.

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